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Affordable and Outstanding Dental Treatments

Smile clinic London is a dental services provider located on West End Lane in London, where we focus more on the quality of our services rather than the number of patients. With us, you can expect thorough procedures that may take longer than packed clinics, where your specific case is not really considered by the dental professionals.

What’s unique about Smile Clinic London is its staff

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With years of practical and academic experience in various aspects of the dental practice, our team are equipped to handle any dental health emergency you may face, or shape your smile into its ideal form through corrective and cosmetic dentistry combination.

Smile Clinic offers a variety of stand-alone or combo dental treatments and services as part of our smile therapy package. With a customized combination of compatible dental procedures, we can completely transform how you smile, and how it looks in the mirror.

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Our Professional Dental Services are available through payment plans that can fit your budget. We believe quality dental care must be affordable for anyone seeking treatment.

Top-rated dental practice

Contact our office and check out our available dental service offers and special payment plans, you will be surprised how much our treatments can save up compared to other providers. Additionally, you can set up customized payment plans with less monthly payments paid over a longer duration.

If you want to learn more about our adaptive payment plans, give us a call and we’ll discuss the costs of your requested treatment and available options.

Smile Clinic Dental Care Treatments in London

Top-rated dental practice

General Maintenance and Routine Examinations

Taking care of your teeth without professional aid is impossible in practice.

Even after extensive dental care treatments, you will still need continued monitoring and annual dental cleanings to keep your teeth healthy and appealing. Our general services include root canal and filling and other minor treatments.

Our clinic offers state of the art dental service equipment operated by expert dental professionals, providing excellent dental care services for clients of all ages in London

Smile Clinic London Include these Dental Treatments:

Tooth fillings

Wisdom teeth

Dental regular

Endodontics treatments and teeth root canal

Mercury removal


Periodontal Disease Diagnosis

Periodontal Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

wounds in your mouth or the use of unsanitary equipment to clean your teeth such as old toothbrushes can cause periodontal diseases. Chronic periodontal issues not only affect your teeth and oral hygiene, but they can also cause long term health issues, and in severe cases cause heart problems. A simple bacterial infection in your lungs can find its way to your bloodstream and spread infection to other vital organs. Leaving such issues untreated

Preventive dentistry services in our Dental Clinic include:

Children dental care

Dental hygiene

Gum disease

Bleaching and whiting stained teeth


Cosmetic Dental Care Services at Our Practice

Our dentists offer cosmetic dental treatment consultation if you want to start a cosmetic dental treatment like Invisalign. They can offer more efficient alternatives.

Whether you need to whiten your teeth or replace an amalgam filling with a porcelain veneer or dental implant, smile clinic cosmetic dentists can offer professional insight and impeccable treatment and services.


Preventive dentistry services in our Dental Clinic include:

Smile makeover treatments

Dental implants

Dental composite bonding

All on 4 dental implants

Dental veneers


Orthodontic Treatment Programs

Orthodontic Treatment Programs

With orthodontic issues, the effects are more visible, as crooked or uneven teeth are more prone to decay and deterioration because of difficulties in cleaning the teeth.

Smile Clinic orthodontics will consult you about the best procedure to tackle your particular issue, and its possible side effects and alternative treatments. You don’t have to decide between traditional metal braces or clear braces, as each case is assessed professionally to suggest the perfect solution.

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