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Single Tooth Implant


Single Tooth implant

Single Tooth implant

Implants are a common dental restoration, with thousands of people fitting a dental implant every year. If you want to replace a tooth lost to trauma, gum disease, or decay, you can opt for a dental implant.

Most people fit a dental implant due to the following;

  • Broken or cracked tooth
  • Tooth damage resulting from an injury
  • Missing or loose tooth
  • A heavily decayed tooth
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Single implant procedure

A dental implant is an easy and simple way of restoring the aesthetics and stability of the mouth and teeth. When a tooth is missing, a single implant is usually the best option for replacing it.

A dental implant consists of a metal (titanium) post, which the dentist will insert in your jawbone to serve as the tooth root. The top part of the implant would be a dental crown usually made from porcelain to ensure the replacement tooth is durable and looks like your natural teeth.

Single tooth implants help avoid damaging the surrounding teeth while replacing the missing tooth because it does not involve filing or reducing the adjacent teeth.

Duration of treatment

The duration of dental implant treatment varies and depends on your personalised treatment plan. Fitting traditional implants can take a couple of monthsseveral dental visits because the jawbone will need some time to integrate with the titanium post.

However, modern dental implant technology allows you to fit your single tooth implant in one dental visit, so you go about your normal activities with a more confident smile.

Single implant treatment varies between patients. If your jawbone is sufficient to support the implant, the procedure may take about 3 – 5 months. This gives the implant sufficient time to fuse with the jaw bone (osseointegration).

However, if you need additional procedures, such as tooth extraction or bone grafting, the procedure will take a little longer because the gum and bone around the affected area need to heal first.

Immediate implants

With the available advanced technology called teeth-in-a-day, you can place your single tooth implant in just one appointment. This procedure involves using the surrounding and existing teeth as an anchor for the new implant.

Benefits of single tooth implants

Single-tooth implant placement doesn’t affect the teeth surrounding the missing one, which means your teeth will remain intact after the procedure. This is an upside of a single tooth implant that makes it a better solution for replacing a missing tooth.

Fitting a single tooth implant is also a better option because the implant is placed inside your jawbone and the replacement tooth functions like your natural teeth. This means your oral hygiene routine will remain the same, unlike a denture that you have to remove to clean.

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Effect of a missing tooth

Losing a tooth can affect your quality of life, lead to dental problems in the future and cause psychological issues such as low self-esteem. Other effects of a missing tooth include the following;

  • A missing tooth in front of your mouth can affect your self-esteem
  • A missing tooth at the back of your mouth can cause difficulty chewing, causing more pressure or chewing force on the other teeth
  • An untreated, missing tooth can have long-term effects on the remaining teeth because the other teeth will gradually move to cover the space left by the missing teeth, and they will work more to compensate for the missing teeth, leading to excessive wearing down of the teeth
  • A missing front tooth may affect your speech
  • Space left by the missing tooth can trap food and plaque, leading to decay and gum disease
  • The surrounding bone can diminish the teeth, making enhancing treatment more complex

Opting for a single tooth implant is a great way to restore your dental function and avoid further dental issues in the future, so schedule an appointment today with our dentist at Smile Clinic London to start your implant placement procedure.

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