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Mercury removal



Mercury Filling Removal London

Several dental restorations are available, including mercury filling, and you can opt for anyone or change to any dental restoration when you desire. If you have mercury filling and wish to change them, you can have them removed and replaced with white composite restorations or porcelain on lays that are more durable. Most patients who choose to remove their mercury fillings do sofor the following benefits;
  • Health benefits Some patients have allergic reactions to mercury, and there are controversies on the health effect of using mercury fillings. Research shows that mercury fillings release a small amount of mercury vapour as the filling wears off. For most people, removing mercury fillings helps them avoid the adverse health effects of mercury in the body.
  • Cosmetic purposes Most patients do not like the appearance ofsilver or black filling when they smile or talk, so they consider switching their mercury fillings for white ones that look more like their natural teeth shade and are barely noticeable.
  • Sensitivity Dental mercury contains different metals, with mercury having a higher proportion. This usually causes a battery effect on the teeth adjacent to those fitted with the mercury filling, which leads to occasional sensitivity.

Is mercury filling removal safe?

Inhaling mercury vapour released from mercury filling has different adverse health effects, including harming the digestive, nervous and immune system, kidneys and lungs. During your mercury filling removal, the dentist will use a high-speed suction and, in some cases, rubber dam isolation to reduce inhalation of the mercury vapour while removing the filling. If you want to replace your mercury filling with white ones, your dentist might use tungsten carbide burs to remove larger pieces instead of small pieces and aerosol.

Safety procedure for removing an mercury filling at Smile Clinic London

To ensure minimal exposure to mercury vapour during mercury removal, the dentist will:
  • Give you slurry charcoal, chlorella or another absorbent to rinse your mouth and swallow before the procedure
  • Use a full-body, impermeable barrier, and a full head, neck, face, and arm barrier
  • Administer external oxygen or air through a nose mask or nasal cannula covered with an impermeable barrier
  • Place and seal a dental dam made with non-latex nitrile material in your mouth
  • Keep an oral aerosol vacuum close to your mouth
  • Have a large amount of waterto reduce heat and a conventional high-speed evacuation device to capture discharged mercury
  • Section the mercury into bits and remove them as large pieces with a diameter carbide drill

Procedure for replacing mercury fillings with white fillings

After your dentist removes the mercury filling, they will fit porcelain or composite resin, which are stronger and more reliable. Your dentist will help you choose a restoration material that matches your natural teeth shade and is less noticeable.

In most cases, the dentist will choose two or moreshades to build up your dentine and the enamel shade because no tooth has one colour; the area close to the gum is darker, while the area closer to the biting surface is lighter.

Within the past years, the number of people using mercury filling in the UK has reduced due to the increased awareness of the effects of mercury filling on health. Previously, health experts thought the mercury component of mercury filling was locked in the silver and tin it contains, but this is not the case.

If you want a safe mercury filling removal to avoid the risk of inhaling mercury vapour, visit Smile Clinic London or call us on 020 7139 8611 to schedule an appointment.