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Composite Bonding
Composite bonding treatment

Composite Dental Bonding in London

There is just no way to deny the power and the impact of a beautiful smile. To cut a long story short, it easily influences people and wins hearts.

Composite dental bonding is ‘the’ option for you if you want to fix a cracked or chipped tooth. It also caters to your need when you want to introduce some changes to the shape or the colour of your teeth. Technically sound and experienced dentists at the Smile Clinic London possess a striking success rate in composite bonding cases. Patients visit us all over London and also the neighbouring areas for this particular dentistry procedure. We are one of the most assured destinations for composite bonding in London. You can count on our expertise in improving the overall appearance of your teeth along with boosting your level of self-esteem.

Feel free to contact us at Smile Clinic London for composite dental bonding to repair your smile.

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Composite Dental Bonding – A brief introduction

In simple words, composite dental bonding can be described as bonding tooth coloured material to the tooth to improve its overall appearance in terms of shape, size and colour. Unlike dental crowns and veneers, this one requires only a single visit to your dentist. Moreover, when the cost is concerned, this procedure is much reasonably priced compared to that of any other cosmetic dentistry treatment. Unlike many other dental procedures, this one causes minimal damage to your natural teeth to give amazing results.

The procedure is a tried and tested way to improve the appearance of your teeth and is assured to deliver great results.


Composite dental bonding does not require any major preparation for the tooth. It is gradually rising in popularity among other cosmetic dentistry procedures all over the world including London. At Smile Clinic London, we have technically sound and experienced dentists with an excellent track record in the successful handling of dental bonding cases.

How dental composite bonding can be helpful

Dental composite bonding proves helpful on several occasions including the following –

  • Repair a chipped or cracked tooth

  • Improve the length of a tooth that is too short

  • Sort out the problem of gapped teeth

  • Protecting the tooth surface when it has become exposed to the problem of receding gums

  • Boost the overall appearance of discoloured or stained teeth

Beautiful smile with composite bonding

The procedure of composite dental bonding

The composite bonding procedure starts with taking high-quality photos of your teeth. The dentist will discuss with you in detail to inform you about the treatment and what to expect. Based on the discussion and the condition of your teeth the dentist formulates your unique treatment plan. The most crucial objective in this treatment is to improve the aesthetics of the teeth along with improving their overall functionality. After the treatment plan is drawn, the dentist will go through the task of selecting the exact match for the colour or shade of your teeth so that your bonded tooth or teeth look real and do not stand out from the natural ones in sharp contrast.

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Composite bonding procedure
Preparing the tooth surface – Smile Clinic London

Preparing the tooth surface

A little preparation is required to ensure the composite material bonds well with the tooth surface. Thus an etching material or agent is placed on the tooth surface. As a part of the procedure, a minuscule amount of the tooth enamel is scraped away as the tooth is cleaned and polished. After these steps are over, composite bonding resin for the teeth is added and moulded to the tooth.

A special type of blue light is used to get the composite material hardened faster. Once the bonding material gets hardened, the tooth is polished carefully to give the exact shape. It is of utmost importance to match the dental composite bonding perfectly with the shade of your teeth to make it look natural. This procedure is completely painless, neither causes any discomfort; thus patients are not administered with local anaesthesia to numb their sensation. Depending on the number of teeth you want to bond, the procedure may last anywhere between 1 and 3 hours.

Risk factors and treatment aftercare

This conservative cosmetic dentistry procedure is pretty reasonably priced to fit into every budget easily. It is relevant mentioning that the filling material is more prone to get chipped or worn down compared to the restorations that are made in the dental labs – like crowns and porcelain veneers. As far as composite bonding is concerned, average life span of the treatment varies between 3 and 7 years. It may also pick up stains, become dull or wear down in the course of time. However, you can easily get your filling polished, retouched or even replaced at any time depending on the level of your aesthetic concern.

Composite bonding treatment aftercare

Composite bonding cost in our London Clinic

At Smile Clinic London we offer one of the most reasonable prices for composite bonding in London. Composite bonding cost in our London clinic starts from £295 for each tooth. You can go through our price list or contact us directly for further enquiries. We can provide you with more accurate insights about the pricing related to your treatment.

Composite dental bonding –FAQs

  • Who should consider the composite bonding treatment?

    People of almost every age group can benefit from this treatment. It is equally applicable to children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens to improve their smiles.

  • Am I the right candidate for composite bonding?

    You are the right candidate for the procedure if you have cracked, broken, discoloured, misshapen, stained and uneven teeth. Moreover, if you have gapped teeth or if your bridges are either worn or broken that also makes you a suitable composite bonding candidate.

  • Does a bonded tooth need greater care and maintenance?

    When you have a bonded tooth, you must avoid biting on hard food items like candy, certain nuts, ice cubes and others. You should also let go of nasty habits like nail-biting, biting on pen or pencil tips and so forth.

  • Will my composite bonding tooth look natural?

    You can rest assured that composite bonding itself is a natural cosmetic dental restoration provided the procedure is performed by a qualified dentist. It requires special skills related to tooth sculpting and complex veneering. Your bonded tooth will appear completely natural when these conditions are met.

  • How painful is the composite bonding procedure?

    The composite bonding procedure is absolutely painless. It is carried out without any general or local anaesthesia.

  • How long can I expect my composite bonding to last?

    The life of composite dental bonding depends on several factors including the expertise of your chosen dentist, your commitment toward caring for the restored tooth and the materials used. At present, composite bonding in London comes with an average shell life of 10 to 15 years. In many cases, it lasts longer.

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