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Cracked Teeth


Cracked Teeth Treatment London

When you bite down on hard foods, grind your teeth, receive a blow to your face, fall or get flipped during contact sports, you may end up with a cracked or chipped tooth. If this happens, please get in touch with your dentist at once. Several dental procedures can fix chipped or cracked teeth.

How will I know my teeth has been cracked or chipped?

Certain teeth injuries don’t hide; you’ll notice them quickly. But some are inconspicuous. With a crack in your tooth, it is typical to feel discomfort while eating. Again, your teeth will be sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks.

Cracks in teeth can happen in several ways – it may be a single straight crack or more small cracks across the tooth surface. There are times where the crack can divide your tooth into two parts.

What can I do for cracked or chipped teeth?

Not minding if the impact is small, whenever you have a crack or chip on your teeth, do well to contact a dentist quickly. They will evaluate how severe the damage is and give the proper treatment. If you don’t treat this problem, it’ll worsen, damage your tooth nerve and even make you lose the teeth.

For dental injury, get help immediately – it is considered a dental emergency.

While you wait to be seen by the dentist, rinse your mouth with warm water, and apply a cold compress to the area impacted. Where a piece of your tooth is fragmented, find and keep it in a glass of milk or inside your mouth to avoid dryness, and take it to your appointment. The dentist may be able to fix it.

Cracked Or Chipped Teeth London

What is the treatment for chipped and cracked teeth?

Not treating cracks and chips in teeth will cause serious issues. Following how badly affected your teeth are, the dentist any advice any of these solutions:

  • Fillings:This is used for covering up crack-induced gaps. By adding a tooth-coloured filling, your dentist can fix a chipped tooth.
  • Crowns:This artificial bespoke covering may replace teeth that are chipped or cracked.
  • Veneers:A dental restorative treatment for cracked or chipped teeth, depending on what part of the tooth is still useful.
  • Composite bonding:A non-invasive tooth restoration procedure that doesn’t remove any healthy part of the teeth.
  • Root canal:The dentist recommends this treatment for damaged pulp and blood vessels.

Do you have chipped, cracked or any gap between teeth you don’t like? Talk to your dentist about it. There are many restorative treatments for cracked teeth that can improve your tooth aesthetics and keep them safe for a long time.

How can I prevent cracked teeth?

Your lifestyle and habit can be changed a bit to help keep your teeth from cracks and chips. Where you grind your teeth at night during sleep, you can get a mouthguard.

Again, if you participate in games that can put your mouth at risk, go for a custom-made mouthguard for better protection.

Reach out to our dentist today for a suitable treatment for your cracked teeth or call us now at Smile Clinic London on 0207 139 8611 to schedule an appointment today.