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Chipped Teeth


Chipped or Broken Teeth Repair

Tooth enamel may be the strongest tissue in the body, but its strength can fail. A facial impact from sports or accident, biting down on hard candy or ice, especially when the tooth is decaying, are some factors that can break or chip your teeth. It’s normal to panic if your tooth breaks, but your dentist can fix it using different treatments.

How do you care for chipped teeth?

Contact your dentist immediately there’s a tooth fracture. This is to prevent damage, infection or loss of a tooth.

While waiting to see the dentist, you can try the following:

  • Use over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen or others to relieve tooth pain. Use a saltwater rinse
  • Cover sharp edges from the broken tooth with sugar-free chewing gum or wax paraffin to avoid cuts inside your mouth
  • Eat soft foods if you must, and don’t bite down on the chipped tooth

Treatments for broken or chipped teeth

The severity of the damage will determine the treatment type. Some fixes can be simple and inexpensive. Others may be complex, time-consuming and pricey.

Here are some dental procedures to fix broken teeth:

  • Dental fillings or bonding: Filling is done for a small chipped off part of the enamel. Bonding with tooth-coloured composite resin comes in when the fractured tooth is visible in a smile. For bonding, the dentist will rough up the tooth with a gel, apply an adhesive and fix the composite resin material. This material will be shaped and cured with UV light.
  • Dental crown: Large tooth decays or breakage will make teeth lose their aesthetics. For restoration, dental crowns are used. They can be made from resin, ceramic, metal, or porcelainmetal. Dental crowns may take two dental visits. The first will involve taking tooth impressions, preparing your tooth and fixing a temporary crown. The second visit will get you the permanent crown.
  • Veneers: For broken front teeth, a thin covering of porcelain or resin composite called veneers is used for replacement. This procedure involves tooth reduction, taking tooth impression and sending it to a lab. To fix the veneer, the dentist roughens the tooth with a liquid, applies adhesive to the veneer and places it over the tooth. A special light is used to harden it.
  • Root canal therapy: Damaged or diseased pulp can come from exposure due to a very wide tooth fracture. The tooth can get infected by the pulp. This treatment removes the dead pulp, cleans the root canal and reseals it.

Meanwhile, you can do this for broken teeth

  • Gather the teeth or fragments by holding them at the crown. Rinse the tooth only if it’s dirty. Avoid scrubbing or scraping
  • Rinse mouth with warm water. Where possible, reinsert the tooth into position with the help of a gauze pad, or store the tooth in milk
  • Take ibuprofen for pain. Apply a cold compress for swelling. Control bleeding with sterile gauze
  • See a dentist for a broken tooth. Reimplantinga tooth within 30 minutes guarantees more success.

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