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At-home teeth whitening kits

Have you ever considered whitening your teeth, whether at home or with the dentist? Teeth whitening should cross your mind if you have a special event like a graduation or wedding coming up orare tiredof having stained teeth.

You should consider professional teeth whitening atSmile Clinic London as an effective way to whiten your teeth. We offer a wide range of teeth whitening options, and you can have your teeth done at our office with the in-practice teeth whitening system or at home with our home teeth whitening kits.

Whatever you choose to use is safe and effective and will be monitored by one of our qualified dentists. We have the most suitable at-home teeth whitening solutions for every teeth type. Visit us today.

Benefits of using our at-home teeth whitening kit

The benefits of using our home teeth whitening kit are numerous, but we will list only a few.

  • Our at-home teeth whitening kits are very safe and will not damage your teeth
  • You are open to professional guidance from our expert dentists
  • You can see the results of your teeth whitening in just 3 days
  • It is suitable for people who do not havethe needed two hours to spend  for an in-practice teeth whitening session
  • The changes are gradual, and you won't have any sudden changes in your appearance

A safe way towhiten your teeth

Our at-home teeth whitening kit is safe and doesn't pose any damage to your teeth. Before you get the kits,our dentist will assess your teeth and gums to determine whether you are suitable for the treatment. After this, you will receive your kits andprofessional guidance on usingthem for the best result.

The results will be visible in only 3 days

We understand that it is very discouraging to whiten your teeth for days without visible results. However, it is different from ourat-home teeth whitening kits, as you will see the effect of your treatment in just three days.

For the full effect, you need to apply this treatment for abouttwo weeks. If you need quicker results, you should consider the in-practice teeth whitening, which will have full effect in less than 24 hours.

It is convenient and easy

You do not have to visit your dentist every time you want to use the teeth whitening kit. You will use ourat-homekits to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. This, however, is after you have been assessed by our dentist and found suitable to start your treatment.

This treatment is easy to apply and will not hinder your daily routine.

How our at-hometeeth whitening kit works

You can whiten your teeth with our at-home whitening kits in just three simple steps away

Step 1: Booking your check-up

It is imperative for you to have healthy teeth and gums before doing teeth whitening treatment. That is why our expert dentist at Smile Clinic London must check your teeth and gums to ensure theyare strong enough for the procedure.You can book online for this initial visit.

During this visit, the doctor will take a mould of your teeth to prepare a customised tray for you.

Step2: Collecting your customised trays

After the initial consultation, our dentist will give you a day to come back for your customised trays and teeth whitening gel to useat home. During this appointment, our dentist will show you how to wear the trays to see if they are fitted correctly and comfortably and guide you on how to use them.

Step 3: Whiten your teeth at-home

Now that you have received the trays and directions, you can start whitening your teeth. The duration of the treatment depends on the shade of your teeth and the one you desire to have.

Alternatively, you can have an even quickerprocedure by whitening your teeth in practice. Here, you have to visit the dentist for assessment and immediate whitening of your teeth.

 Can I use over-the-counter home teeth whitening kits?

There are many at-home teeth whitening kits sold in most UK pharmacies and websites. However, you should not always expect these products to work. Some of them even cause permanent damage to your teeth.

It is best to get your teeth whitening done under the supervision of a dentist. Our dentists are some of the best in London. Contact us today for at-home teeth whitening.

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