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Bad breath


Bad breath Treatment London

Bad breath, sometimes called halitosis, is a condition that makes the mouth gives off a foul smell. This dental issue can be embarrassing and causes anxiety in some people. There are several products, including mouthwashes, mints and gums, which help fight bad breath.

Although these dental products can help out with the bad breath, they only provide a temporary fix, so you may have to address the underlying cause of the problem if you need a fresh breath.

Certain health conditions, habits and foods can cause bad breath. In many cases, a consistent proper dental hygiene routine can improve bad breath. However, if proper dental hygiene does not stop bad breath, consult your dentist or doctor to check if a more severe condition is the cause of your bad breath.

Symptoms of Bad Breath

Mouth odoursvary, depending on the underlying issue. Some people with little or no bad breath worry about mouth odour, but some people with bad breath do not know they have it because, in most cases, it is difficult to assess your breath and how it smells. If you think that you have bad breath, you can ask your relative or friend to confirm if you have it.

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Bad Breath Symptoms - Smile Clinic London

When to see a dentist

If youexperience bad breath, review your oral hygiene routine. You can also try changing your lifestyle and take up good habits such as brushing your tongue and teeth after every meal, drinking plenty of water and flossing.

If your bad breath doesn’t stop, visit your dentist. If your dentist thinks you have a more severe condition responsible for bad breath, they may recommend seeing your GP to diagnose the cause of your bad breath.