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Digital Smile Design


Digital Smile Design London

Digital smile design (DSD) is a treatment involving the latest techniques in digital CAD-CAM (computer-aided design-computer aided manufacturer) dentistry and 3D imaging technology to give you a perfect smile.

This technology involves analysing your dental and facial structure with the latest dental technology and uses a patient-centred design to correct dental issues and improve the smile.

With DSD, you can see the results of your dental treatment before undergoing the procedure. Everyone has a unique smile that involves more than the teeth. While designing your improved smile, DSD takes into account your teeth alongside lips, overall facial shape and mouth movement.

The digital smile design procedure

The dental professional will take your detailed digital records to create your new smile on the first appointment. Your dentist will also take several photographs and short videos of you while smiling and when your face is at rest.

During the capturing, it’s important to smile and show your personality as everyone moves differently while speaking. Your dentist would want to capture your mouth movements while laughing or talking in relation to your face.

DSD enhances your smile appearance and ensures it blends naturally with your face. With DSD, you won’t have to deal with too big or mismatched teeth, and people won’t look at you and readily know you have had dental work.

Aside from taking short videos and photographs of your smile, your dentist will take an intraoral scan of your teeth, ensuring that changes to your smile are in millimetric precision.

Other dental treatments rely on the dental professional’s skill and understanding to give you an improved smile. The lab technician will try to recreate the teeth impression manually, so making an error-free design is almost impossible, but the new digital technology designing and manufacturing process ensures the highest level of precision, so the final restoration will fit perfectly.

The difference between DSD and the manual design process is clear, and you can see the result of your treatment before you go through with it.

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