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What you must know about the Enlighten whitening system

Teeth whitening is the most prevalent cosmetic treatment in dentistry. Though this is a highly sought-after procedure, most people think the results should be sudden and last a lifetime. However, that is not true; some of these procedures can be ineffective due to an early relapse from superficial bleaching.

Some advanced teeth whitening systems usually take two to four weeks to produce results that can last a lifetimewith a simpleat-hometop-up routine.

What is the Enlighten whitening system?

The Enlighten whitening system is a two-week tooth whitening treatment that guarantees a B1 shade for 98% of cases and is suitable for about 95% of patients.Patients are usually offered at-home treatment kits for this treatment, which they will apply every night for two weeks before visiting the dentist.

The following are some key things you should know about the Enlighten whitening system:

You must visit the dentist for the treatment

The Enlighten system is not just a product; it is a professional teeth whitening treatment and must be obtained from a licensed dentist in the UK.

This dentist will examine you for the treatment and take the mould of your teeth to customise your whitening trays.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment with Enlighten whitening system takes 15 days in most cases. However, it can take up to eight weeks if your case is complex. Your dentist will tell you an accurate expectation after examining your teeth during the initial appointment.

At the end of the treatment, 98% of the cases achieve the shade B1, and some even go beyond. This doesn't depend on the age, current teeth shade, or diet. Though some patients go beyond the B1 shade, we do not guarantee that.

If your teeth do not reach the B1 shade, you should talk to your dentist about your concerns, and they will get the producers to make things right for you.

Enlighten whitening systems are safe

The Enlighten Systems are safe for everyone except pregnant women and nursing mothers. This is because it is not ascertained whether the chemicals used for this teeth whitening treatment is safe for the baby.

 This product is 100% cruelty-free, and vegans can use it.

You must keep your whitening gels in the fridge

For this treatment, you will be given a whitening gel which you will use for seven days. This gel must always be kept in the fridge. It is okay to forget to keep it in the refrigerator overnight, but it shouldn't stay out forthree nights.

If you forget to keep it in the fridge forthree nights, you need to contact your dentist to get a replacement.

The result can last forever

This is no brag. According to the producers of Enlighten smile system, you can maintain your results for as long as you live by just following the top-up regime.You will use the top-up one night every two months for the first year. During the second year, you will use it one night every three months. When it gets to the third year and above, you will need the top-up one night every six months.

You don't need a white diet

Yes,seriously! You don't need to avoid curries, teas, coffees, or red wine just because you want white teeth. You can still have them before, during or after your treatment.

When we say, 'during the treatment', we imply those two weeks ofat-homeand in-office whitening procedures when your trays are off (not when they are in your mouth).

Your teeth may become sensitive

It is sad,but your teeth may become a little bit sensitive after using this treatment. When this happens, solve the problem by using the desensitising swabs in the kit.

If this doesn't work well,you may only need to use a pea-sized amount of the Tooth Serum in your traysand wear them for 30 minutes at a different time to the whitening.

In a case of extreme sensitivity, you need to contact your dentist for another option.

You will use the toothpaste everyday

The exciting thing about this toothpaste is that it has all the properties of regular toothpaste. For these two weeks of treatment, you should use the Tooth Serum every morning and night to reduce the teeth sensitivity, rather than your regular toothpaste.

When you have finished the treatment, you will have to start using the Evo-White toothpaste in the morning to prevent stains and Tooth Serum at night to repair micro damages.

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